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WELCOME…. to USSSA tournaments by 3Up 3Down events. United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) is a sporting governing body.  




You will need to sanction your team before you can enter a USSSA event!

Complete the USSSA online sanction registration http://usssa.com/home/  On the top of the home page click on "How to Register a Team?”. You will need to create a manager ID for yourself first. Follow the steps you are given.



USSSA requires teams to have at least 9 players on their roster before they can enter events. Follow the steps below:


How to build to your roster:

  1. Log into www.usssa.com

  2. Click on “baseball” on the home page

  3. Under Teams & Participates, click on “register team/login”

  4. On next page enter your user ID and password. If you have forgotten them there is a place on that page to help you retrieve them.

  5. Once you get logged in you will go to your Team Management page.

  6. Scroll down until you see where is says “Select an Action to Take”

  7. Click on “roster adds and updates”, that will take you to the page to add your players. Once you have at least 9 players added you can enter events. 



You can pre-register your team using our registration form. Registration is as simple as printing out the completed form and mailing it along with your check to our Tell City office. You may also register your team on the USSSA.com website which is preferred, there are a lot of important details about our events on the site that teams will see if they register themselves for events.  To register your team on the site at the top of the home page click on “Event Search” select your sport. There are number of ways to search for events, by director, state, etc... When you find the event that interests you click on “Details” Please be sure to read over the details of the listing for important information. When you are ready to enter just click on “Enter” next to your division. Once you enter you will get a separate email with info on how to pay the entry fee, hotels etc.…



If you wish to not pay on the USSSA site due to the online processing, fee there are a few different ways you can pay your tournament entry fee. We accept check, money order and cashier’s check make them payable to 3Up 3Down mail to 1002 Tell Street Tell City, IN 47586.  You may also pay via PayPal’s Friends and Family to email trisha.grass@yahoo.com. You will need to have a PayPal account to be able to do this.

When paying via PayPal, we don't always know what team you're with, so if you can email us letting us know you just made a payment that would be wonderful. Once we receive your payment you will receive confirmation you have been officially accepted into the tournament. Payments are required two weeks prior to the start of your tournament date this will secure your spot in the tournament! Please keep in mind that when we have the number of paid teams we can take in any given event we will need to drop unpaid teams.

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