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USSSA Fall Travel league

Deaconess Sports Park

6800 N Green River Road

Evansville Indiana 47725


Directors Goals: Our goal is to create the most competitive league possible for every level of teams. We strive and will continue to strive to make every game competitive for both teams.  These rules can be changed to create a more competitive environment.


Info Sheet:

  1. If any player is not on your online roster, they must be written on a paper roster and turned in before play starts. Add on players during the course of the season if not written on the paper roster at the beginning please send me a email stating the player you are adding.

  2. Any roster adds during the season must be approved by the League Director

  3. Pitching:

Open /Major 1 Inning Max Per Pitcher Per Night

AAA 2 Innings Max Per Pitcher Per Night

AA 3 Innings Max Per Pitcher Per Night.

A 4 Innings Max per Pitcher Per Night.

  1. Play is for 1:45 Minutes or 6 Innings. Please hustle on and off the fields and no throw downs after the first inning.  If you are going to make a pitcher change, please have them warmed up and ready to go. This league is free sub in and out so please keep them in and warm them up in the Bullpen. Do not waste game time to warm up a new pitcher.

  2. 3 Outs or a batting of a complete line up on offense constitutes a ½ inning.

  3. Mercy rule is in effect. 15 Runs after 3 8 runs after 4. These games will end if this happens.

  4. No Gate Fee will be charged to enter the park at any time during the League Year.

  5. If we get rained out one week, that schedule gets placed at the end of the last week.

  6. Facebook is where we will post weather related info first .

  7.    This events schedules and will be scored on the USSSA Game Center.


  1. 9U/10U In league Play we play Full Rules. Lead Off, Pick Off ,Balks Etc. We do this to give experience if a 9U Team was to get moved up to AAA during the season they have some experience. During Tournament play 9U A,AA Play No Lead Off NO Pick Off.

     Thanks to all teams that have joined to play our Summer Travel League.

Thanks for playing the best. USSSA Baseball/Softball powered by 3Up 3Down Events

John Grass Director

812-499-2069 cell


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