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spring travel league rules

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  • Paper Rosters are to be turned in before the start of the first played game. If a team is playing your official online USSSA Roster no copies are needed to be turned in.

  • If at anytime you are using a paper roster and a player needs to be added please email me with the player being added.

  • Batting Rules Three Outs or Line Up.

  • Free Substitutions on Defense

  • Nine Outs max number any pitcher can throw in five days. (excludes tournaments) (pertains to this league only)

  • Lead Off/ Pick Off is in effect for this for all age groups.

  • Courtesy Runner can be used for Pitcher or Catcher.

  • Fields 1,2,3,4,6,7 Game length is 1:45 minutes or 6 Innings. All games are finish the innings.

  • Games on 5 and 7 are 1:30 minutes. All games are finish the inning.

  • Umpire Score Cards will be used for pitching and scores. Please look over card after completion of game for accuracy and sign.

  • Please turn in Line Up Cards at Umpire Plate Meeting.

  • Non-Matching Team Jerseys are allowed. ALL Players must wear Baseball Hat, Baseball Pants, Jersey with a Number and Baseball Shoes. NO METAL CLEATS.

  • Mercy Rule is in effect, 15 after 3 8 after 4 innings. If Mercy Rule ends the game before time or innings official game is recorded at that point. If time is reaming and both teams agree. Play can continue until time is reached. No part of play counts once official game is called due to Mercy Rule.

  • Games called due to Weather 3 Innings are considered a complete game. 2.5 Inning if home team is winning.

  •  Pool Games can end in a Tie.

  • Please be respectful to all Players, Umpires, Field Crews and Spectators.

  • All Games, Results and Standing will show on Game Center the following day of completed games.

  • Facebook page USSSA baseball by 3up3down for weather updates.